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Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry to build stone industry park stone enter

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    Based on the Egyptian “pyramid newspaper” documented on April 17, http://www.jiahengstone.com/Customized-Monument_c81 Egypt trade minister Tariq Kabi Er at the meeting associated with representatives of the Federation regarding Stone Branch, said the actual Egyptian government attaches excellent importance to the rectification involving stone industry, to be constructed through the stone industry recreation area, The development of stone industry regulations and other measures to strengthen the regularization, improve the quality connected with stone products and added worth, strengthen export competitiveness.
    Rock products are one of Egypt’s primary export commodities, http://www.jiahengstone.com/Memorial-plaque_c108 in the abroad market has a certain popularity. I am a number of stone corporations in Egypt for many years, primarily to China to foreign trade stone products. By the household market downturn, Egyptian forex restrictions and other factors, earlier times two years I have encountered issues in the operation of rock enterprises. http://www.jiahengstone.com/Single-Monument_c26 I should support the particular stone enterprises to grasp typically the stone industry park this particular opportunity, through large-scale, normal transformation and upgrading.
    Kabi Er said that the Ministry of Trade and Business is working with industry organizations and other relevant trade groups in consultation with the appropriate laws and regulations of the stone business, including stone products upload procedures, stone enterprises enabling, etc ., hope that with the stone industry remediation, boost the Egyptian stone products international The overall image.

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    • This topic was modified 2 months ago by  Andysir.
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